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We’ve recently received calls from prospective clients looking for a “house sitter.”  One even said that his insurance company told him he needs a “house sitter” in order to provide insurance coverage as his home was going to be left vacant for so long.  Although many people use “house sitter” and “home watch” interchangeably, there is a big difference between the two.  Most people really want a home watch company rather than a house sitter.

A house sitter is usually a person without any particular training who will come and live in your home for a selected period of time: using your cable, electricity, water, and every possession in your home at their disposal.   Are they insured against breakage or disaster or will you have to foot the bill?  We’ve all heard the horror stories on the news that if you aren’t careful you even run the risk of possible eviction issues.  House sitters are most valuable if you have pets that need to be looked after and don’t want to board them.

Home Watch is usually a preferred alternative.  A licensed and insured professional home watch business looks after your home like a real business.  They are trained to check for issues that can arise while the home is vacant (plumbing, infestations, pool issues, HVAC issues, etc.) and know what to proactively look for rather than just react to problems that may arise.  As no one lives in the home, the privacy and utility use issues are no longer on the table and the homeowner has peace of mind that their valuable asset is well taken care of.

Our regular visits, coupled with computer-generated reports will satisfy insurance companies’ requirements that your home is not left vacant and unchecked for months at a time.