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Spring is now fully here: along with the temperatures rising so have the weeds.

We’ve noticed many of our clients have had some significant weed growth this year and if we are concerned about the growth we have noted that on your home reports.

If left untreated, not only is excessive weed growth unsightly, but it is a billboard advertisement that no one is living in your home.  It can also be an HOA issue.

We provide our clients weed spraying services if requested.  We will conduct the spraying along with your home visit and only charge an appropriate concierge hourly charge to do the spraying, plus reimbursement of our costs.  We only use Round Up Extended products to ensure that the weeds remain under control.

If we note excessive weed growth on your home visit report please respond and let us know if you want us to spray on your next visit — due to the charge involved we will not do this unless approved by you.   If you would like us to pro-actively spray weeds on your property let us know and we will take care of you as well.

Summer is around the corner!