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So far we’ve covered locking up the house, having a friend or neighbor watch your home and relying on security gates or patrols as some of the reasons people use as to why they don’t need a professional home watch service.  Please look at our Blog page or Facebook page to read any of these previous articles.

One reason we find interesting is when the Poolman, landscaper or even a housekeeper is hired to check on an empty vacation home while the owner is away.  Even though we know that each of these professionals has the best intention to provide good service, it just isn’t their expertise.  They are experts at pool equipment and pool chemistry, making sure that proper landscaping is planted and maintained, and making sure that your home is clean and ready for your arrival.

We’ve signed up six clients this year that was having their other service providers watch their home and realized that things just weren’t working out.

The first example was a large, beautiful home where the landscaper was “watching and taking care” of the house.  Yes, the landscaping is fantastic and he does a great job.  But, once we entered the house you could see that things were beyond his expertise.  The toilets were completely dry as were all P-Traps in the house and roaches had entered the property through the dry plumbing.

Another example is a homeowner who wanted to use his Scottsdale home for enjoyment and knows that he could arrive at the house and spend his time taking advantage of all Scottsdale had to offer.  Instead, he had to take care of a list of maintenance items once he arrived rather than sitting by his pool.  Again, his landscaper had the best intentions, but he isn’t licensed or insured to provide handyman services to secure contractors to fix issues while the homeowner is away.  A professional home watch can provide all of those services and provide quality control throughout the process.

If you currently have someone watching your property who is not insured to do so (that means YOU are responsible for everything and anything that can happen) please give us a call and we can give you more examples of the ways you will benefit from a professional home watch company.  And…don’t forget the potential savings on your insurance premiums!