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It’ has been a couple of months since our last Home Watch Myth blog, so it is time to add a new one to the list.  If you missed any of the previous Myths, please see the list and links below to catch up!

One objection we hear when people call us to find out more about our services is “You are too expensive!”

Everyone loves a great deal, but everyone has lived the “you get what you paid for” experience.  If something’s priced really low, how much can you really expect to get?  My grandmother also used to say “I’m too poor to be cheap.”  Think about that one–how many of us have paid more for things or had to buy things a second time just because we tried to do something on the cheap?

Home Watch is a unique business. There is the “Neighbors Doing Favors” program where a neighbor looks in on your home for free or for a small favor. The problem with your neighbor doing that is they are not insured, licensed, bonded or trained professionals who utilize a comprehensive checklist to ensure that everything in your home is working properly. In fact, most neighbors won’t call you until water is running out the front door. By then it’s too late–much damage has already been done.  (See Myth Number 4 for more thoughts on neighbors and friends watching your home).

You and your insurance company will have to negotiate the impact on future premium rates and whether they will even pay your claim. Who is compensating you for the loss or damage if your neighbor doesn’t lock up your house properly and vandals or burglars gain easy entry? Is it your insurance company’s responsibility for your neighbors for being negligent? You know that your insurance company will do all they can to avoid paying the claim.

What happens to your future relationship with this neighbor or even worse–your relative?

There are individuals that offer home watching as an add-on service to dog walking, house or yard work for extra income. If someone offers a monthly visit, think twice. Home Watch visits should be no less frequent than every 2 weeks. Remember, the goal is to prevent damage from becoming a costly disaster and think about how much water damage can occur in 7 days let alone 31!

Fortunately, a professional home watch company takes performing home visits very seriously and treats it as a full-time business. They are an LLC, are city/county/state licensed, insured, and bonded, and are trained to handle even the most difficult situations and know what to look for when doing a home visit.  A proper home watch visit takes time and expertise to spot the early signs of damage and catch these before any of these become an expensive disaster. (See Myth Number 6 for more info on companies trying to do home watch when their main line of business is something else.)

The question is not “if something will happen, but when will it happen?” Nothing lasts forever! Every component in your home, from your water heater to the light switch on the wall, has an expected lifespan before it will fail and many times it seems to fail when we are not around. A trained home watch specialist will pay close attention to those areas that are nearing the end of their useful life.

Remember that even the most minor mold or water damage will cost thousands! Mold can start growing within 24 to 48 hours so early detection is the key to saving money, hassle and damage.  You can pay a company like Home Management Professionals a reasonable amount now, or pay a great deal later to repair your disaster.