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In the past few months, we’ve received inquiries from absentee homeowners about how we can help with their insurance coverage requirements.  Although we are not in the business of providing insurance guidance, we have learned a few things and want to share them with you.

Depending on your insurance company, you may have to purchase a “vacant home” policy in order to cover a home that is unoccupied for a period of 30 days.  These policies will have additional clauses and will require that you keep the house and grounds maintained, the utilities must remain on and active, and someone must inspect the property on a regular basis. Insurance companies, always looking out for their clients *cough*, feel that a vacant home will have less upkeep and attention and therefore be at a higher risk for burglars, vandals, squatters, etc.  If a claim is filed they may go so far as to interview neighbors and check utility bills to determine if someone has been living in the home.  Some may even call for the owner to get a “house sitter” so that the home is not empty.

If your insurer now requests that you use a house sitter or requires regular inspection of the property — direct them to our website.  A professional home watcher service like Home Management Professionals will satisfy the requirement of regular inspections and assure that you are in compliance with that condition in the policy.  Our computerized home visit reports are time stamped as well as GPS stamped to prove that a home visit was performed and that all of the areas that the insurance company considers high risk (water damage, resulting in mold damage, theft, pests, signs that the home is unoccupied) have been visually inspected and verified.

Take a moment now to review your policy and compliance requirements!  After speaking with your agent or customer service representative speak with us to ensure that all of your obligations are covered and that you have no worries should you ever need to file an insurance claim?  We’re always there to assist you!

And…while on the phone with the agent….ask them if they offer a discount since you are contracted with a licensed, insured and bonded professional accredited home watch company!