Rental Property Management Benefits

How You’ll Earn More From Your Vacation Rental Property


Earn More While Enjoying an Industry-Low Commission Rate  –  Through our unique business model, we’re able to provide additional services, local expertise, and outstanding guest service while still undercutting the competition. You’ll keep more revenue with an 18% commission rate vs. the industry average ranging between 25%-60%. You are welcome to try us for a few months, no strings attached! We’re that confident that you’ll love our services and your additional income.

  • Gross rental commission fee
  • NO management fee until rent is received
  • NO monthly charge when the property is vacant


Reach 95% of Vacation Rental Lovers  –  We’ll tailor your listing across well-known vacation rental sites (e.g., HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb, etc.) as well as listing your property on regional sites including 


Guests Lease/Forms/Fees include the following  –  At the time of booking the Guests will be required to sign a 2-page lease, provide a copy of their driver’s licenses (all occupancy over 18), fill out Condominiums Owner/Management/Tenant Forms (if applicable), submit a holding deposit of $500 which will convert to a security deposit upon arrival, and Pay full lease prior to arrival including cleaning fee.


Impress Travelers and Search Engines with Expertly Crafted Property Listings  –  Our internal listing experts will hand select and edit every photo and craft your vacation rental listing to boost your search engine rank and make it irresistible to potential guests.


Why we do commission-based pricing  –  Commission-based pricing is the industry standard for vacation rental property management firms. That does not necessarily mean it is the only answer – but we believe that it perfectly aligns our incentives with our homeowners. We only make money when our owners make money, and the only way to increase our revenue is to help owners increase theirs. We believe this is why the commission model has worked and is so well established in the industry.


How do you set pricing for my rental  –  Owners often ask how pricing is set for each rental. First, we set an initial price for each unit for each day of the week, and time of the year. Midweek days might get set at one price, and weekends at another; holidays and peak periods may be set higher, and off-season prices could be set lower. We set these initial prices based on several factors like input from each owner, characteristics of the home (size, amenities, location, recent remodels, etc.), and comparable home prices in the area.



How You’ll Gain Peace of Mind with Expert Care for Your Property


Sleep Better with Complete Access to Our 24/7 Local Team  –  Our local team will be available to you and your guests at all times. We are ready and waiting to answer questions, address issues, and make house calls whenever it’s needed.


Full-Service Property Management For your Vacation Rental  –  It all starts with the “Meet and Greet” we will arrange to meet the guest the day of their arrival, show them around the condo and property and review the rules with them. We will also confirm the Wi-Fi is functioning and guest are able to log on.


Always be Guest-Ready with Unprecedented Housekeeping Procedures  –  Your property will always be ready to welcome guests. Our thorough checklist and photo comparison process will ensure your property is hotel-grade clean, fully stocked, and every item is exactly where you want it — every time.


Guest Emergency …No Problem!   –  The guest always calls Home Management Professionals. The guest actually never knows the name of the owner for privacy reasons (unless you really want us to tell them). We take the call and dispatch the appropriate vendor. We pay the vendor and then put the bill onto your homeowner statement (taking vendor charge out of the revenue owed to you for that month) – that way you don’t have to worry about paying out-of-pocket for anything unless it happens to be a major repair.  


How we deal with noisy guests and complaints  –  Unless we approve otherwise, you must be over the age of 25. Please know that we do have a strict policy of evicting them upon any sign of noise, partying, or over-occupancy. We want guests to enjoy themselves, however, we do not tolerate abuse at your property and contractually have heavy measures in place to evict and charge additional fees.



We Manage Your Home as if it Were Our Own.

Is there anything I am required to have at my home?  –  Yes. Guests expect a fully-functioning home, complete with furniture in good repair, appliances, cookware, dinnerware, internet, TV, as well as an ample supply of bed linens, towels, and typical consumables like light-bulbs and batteries. We will work with you to make sure that you have everything in place. Internet connections are required at every home.  Nicely decorated homes tend to command higher rentals and we always encourage owners to have a home that shows well. A good test of whether or not you need to have something in your rental is to put yourself in a guest’s shoes… If you were staying somewhere for a week-long period of time, what would you expect to have in that rental home… that is what we aim to provide to guests for their stay.

Pets, do you need to allow them?  — No, that’s up to each owner. In general, we encourage it, as homes get more bookings if they allow pets, but we understand many owners do not want to allow them and that’s fine. We do charge guests an additional non-refundable $100 rent per stay ($200 for 3+ bedroom homes) for up to 2 pets to ensure that the home is fully cleaned. This fee gets paid as additional rent, so the majority will go to the owner. Any damage caused by a pet will be taken out of the deposit. However, if damages exceed the deposit we will seek additional funds from the guest. Please take note that we are not able to prohibit service animals.

Security Deposits  –  For additional protection, appropriate security deposits are always collected upon completion and acceptance of a rental application by a prospective tenant. Applicants with pets are required to pay an additional “nonrefundable” pet deposit if approved by the owner. All deposits are held until they are either refunded to the tenant upon the successful check-out inspection or are forfeited to cover damages caused by lease violations.

What the Management Fee does not cover

  • Homeowners and property insurance & association fees, water bills, energy bills, cable TV/internet
  • Cost of maintenance, repair, and state and city compliance/licensing
  • Mortgage payment & Property taxes, homeowner insurance, tenant insurance
  • Legal fees court costs, attorney or debt collection fees, process server fees
  • Housekeeping

Happier Guests Makes for Happier Homeowners

Not only will we provide welcoming and informative communications from booking to check-out, but we’ll encourage your guests to leave a review so we can continuously improve how we market your rental on your behalf.

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