Absentee Home Watch

Home Watch is defined by “A Visual Inspection of a Home or Property Looking for Obvious Issues”

We are a premier property management company and our services are contracted based on what you, the homeowner, need for your particular property. Our professional home management team takes managing your property serious. Our residential property management processes are detailed oriented and among the highest quality in the industry.

  All properties vary greatly in their overall needs. For instance, a 3 bedroom condominium is not as demanding as a 3 bedroom single family home would be. A 3 bedroom home in Desert Mountain is going to potentially be more involved than a 3 bedroom condo in Old Town Scottsdale area. So, what we have determined to be the basis for our pricing structure on 3 key factors:

  We are not your ordinary drop in take a 2 min look and walk out sort of operation. True home care and inspections take time and energy to perform. We take as much pride in your home as you do and expect nothing short of the very best when caring for it.

  The actual time spent performing the inspection is only part of our time involved in taking care of your property. There are follow up calls to providers for concerns or issues. There is time involved in producing our detailed reports. Time involved in scheduling, accounting and producing monthly statements to be emailed. So there is much more to the process than simply ‘meandering’ through your property.

  The basis of our pricing structure is divided between condominiums and single family homes. We base the pricing scale for condos on the number of bedrooms. We base the pricing scale for single family homes on total square footage of the home which directly correlates with the amount of time it will take to perform each inspection.

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At Home Management Professionals we inspect your home regularly and make sure that each area of your home is functioning as it should. We check for any potential issues such as leaks, mold or roof damage so they can be repaired before any additional damage occurs. We also provide scheduled home service needs throughout the year.

Absentee Homes – While you are away we do Interior and Exterior inspections, emergency repair, and scheduled services

Occupied Homes – We take care of repairs, emergency services, and scheduled service

Trained Professionals – Each professional will review your home with an interior and exterior checklist that details our Home watch service program. Choose from a list of basic “37 Points of Service” and value-added options to enhance your personal needs. All our inspectors are fully trained by Todd Navin, Licensed Home Inspector in Arizona and Wisconsin.  All inspections are performed by our trained professionals and are not subcontracted to other companies.

As we inspect your home we may find repairs where a specific specialist is needed such as heating and air conditioning. Our teams know specialists in your area and are trained to negotiate for the repair, let them into your home, and monitor their actions until the job is completed. If we can’t fix it with our team, trust H M PROS to find a professional for you. We are licensed, bonded and insured and we only use repair specialists with the same qualifications. Professionals working with professionals!

Communications & Peace of Mind Experts

Home Management Professionals know that just performing the services are not enough. Communication is a vital part of giving you the peace of mind and satisfaction that your property is being taken care of.  Each visit to your home is given the checklist as determined in our contract. Issues found will be emailed or you will receive a phone call. This allows you to make quick decisions for securing your home.  When issues are found, we provide a written report that can be used for insurance purposes.  Cameras are available, and depending on the problem, we may take pictures for your review. This is to verify the issue and determine actions needed.  When repairs are completed additional pictures will be taken and emailed to you. Quick actions will protect your assets.

Guaranteed to Satisfy – By combining a unique blend of people, expertise, and processes; Home Management Professionals are able to deliver the highest standards of reliability and service available in the industry. H M PROS is 100% committed to providing you with the absolute highest quality of personal service. Our mission is nothing less than your total satisfaction.  If for any reason you are unhappy with any part of our service, professionalism, skill level or attentiveness to your needs; we want to hear from you. We are committed to making adjustments and changes that may be necessary so we can continue to deliver exceptional service to all our clients now and in the future. Anything less than a completely happy client is non-acceptable to H M PROS

“37 Points of Service”


Exterior Inspection Checklist

  • Inspect perimeter of home
  • Ensure all yard and pool/spa services are maintained
  • Check for visible signs of forced entry of windows/doors
  • Check for signs of vandalism or trespassing
  • Check for property damage including storm damage
  • Check for rodent/insect infestation
  • Check that maintenance services are properly performed
  • Remove large debris from yard
  • Ensure that landscape lighting and exterior coach lights are operational.
  • Inspect for proper water flow at condensation lines from HVAC system
  • Check for visible irrigation leaks, distressed plants, and weeds
  • Check that irrigation timer has power.
  • Bring in mail, newspapers, and fliers accumulating on driveway or at front door
  • Sweep up front entry way
  • Ensure all HOA requirements are being met
  • Any additional needs exclusive to your home

Interior Inspection Checklist

  • Confirm all doors and window to ensure all are locked and secure
  • Assure security system is functioning properly
  • Visual inspection of interior walls, ceiling, and floors
  • Inspect for leaks, water damage, and mold
  • Inspect for indications of bugs & rodents
  • Run all faucets to prevent seals from drying out, also ensure drain traps are filled eliminating sewage odors and inspect for leaks by hand
  • Flush all toilets to prevent seals from drying out, also ensure drain traps are filled eliminating sewage odors and inspect for leaks by hand
  • Run garbage disposal to prevent seals from drying out
  • Run dishwasher and washer every other visit to prevent seals from drying out
  • Run reverse osmosis system
  • Confirm that refrigerator and freezer are functioning properly.
  • Ensure soft water system is functioning and salt in reservoir
  • Check hot water heater for temp and leaks
  • Check HVAC: thermostats, air-handlers, compressors, make seasonal adjustments as needed
  • Check air filters and change when needed.
  • Alternate (open/shut) position of window treatments
  • Random light setting adjustments
  • Check smoke detectors and replace owner supplied batteries as needed
  • Water indoor plants
  • Start golf cart and automobiles to help keep batteries charged and engines running smoothly
  • We provide a visible presence which may deter thieves, vandals, and squatters

Additional Services

To give your home the complete care that it deserves, the following packages are available.  Each package includes the basic “37 Points of Service” along with the additional items listed.

TOTAL ASSURANCE PACKAGE:  This package includes basic service, all packages described below, along with On Call…day or night! *

WELCOME HOUSE GUEST:   Your house guests and loved ones will be greeted at the airport and driven to your home. A welcome basket filled with your choice of items and flowers will greet your guest upon arrival to your home.

ARRIVAL PREPARATION:    Upon your request, your home will be thoroughly cleaned. This includes all beds made, linens prepared, outdoor furniture set-up. Refrigerator stocked with your personal favorites, turn on power to all items, replace burnt out light bulbs, car battery fully charged and Flowers to welcome you home. *

DEPARTURE PREPARATION:   After departure your home will be completely cleaned, refrigerator cleaned out, empty and turn off ice maker, close blinds, set HVAC system to away setting, unplug electric items, turn off breakers to water heater and stove, unplug washer and dryer, all linens removed, laundered and put away or remake beds, patio furniture washed and covered or put away, place and remove waste and recycling bins from curb after departure.

CONTRACTOR PACKAGE:  Oversee contracted services such as pest control, cleaning services, pool services, and lawn maintenance.

VEHICLE PACKAGE:  Golf Cart maintenance and Automobile maintenance (per vehicle): change oil, fill the gas tank, check tire pressure, and wash the vehicle.

PATIO PACKAGE:  Clean and store patio furniture; maintain BBQ – refill propane if needed.

*Price may vary depending on the square feet of the house, the cost of groceries, gas price, and light bulbs extra.

Home Management Professionals are proud to offer you the largest selection of services available to care for your home.  Feel free to create your own package with only those items that are most important to you and your home.  If you’re not sure exactly what you need, we will work with you to create the perfect package to meet your specific needs. 

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